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What do standing bags look like


Stand-up packaging bags, also known as stand-up bags, are commonly used in food packaging, such as nut packaging, retail packaging, pet food packaging, etc.


Eight side sealing bag

The eight-side sealing bag will be similar to a box when it is unfolded, also known as Box pouch. plas…

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What are night vision binoculars and what do they do?

Infrared night vision device

Visible light at night is very weak, but infrared, invisible to the human eye, is abundant. Infrared vision equipment can help people observe, search, target and drive vehicles at night.


Although people discovered infrared light very early, the development of…

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What are the advantages of LED point light sources in lighting?

Good impact and impact resistance

LED point light sources do not have to be evacuated or filled with specific gases like incandescent or fluorescent lamps. ​led point light  Therefore, the LED light source has good shock resistance and impact resistance, which brings convenience to the pro…

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What are the classifications of modern lamps

Generally speaking, the lighting fixtures used in the family room are divided into chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. Due to different shapes and performances, led home light fixtures  they all have their own place in a warm home.


1. The chandelier i…

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Advantages and disadvantages of different straps

leather strap

Most leather straps are made of genuine leather, and the biggest feature is comfort. The overall feel of the leather strap is suitable for casual wear, giving a feeling of elegance and calmness. leather apple watch band  , In addition to being elegant, a woman's words also have a …

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How to wear in-ear headphones without falling off


In-ear headphones can generally be worn in two ways, one is to wrap them around the ears, and the other is to put an earmuff on the top of the headphones.


Now there are separate earmuffs that you can buy and use.  In Ear Bluetooth Earphones After you buy them, you can easily put the ea…

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E-cigarettes are more harmful than regular cigarettes

Which is more harmful, e-cigarettes and ordinary cigarettes? Typically, regular cigarettes are more harmful, but e-cigarettes are also harmful.


Although both electronic cigarettes and ordinary cigarettes are harmful to the human body, ordinary cigarettes are more harmful because the content…

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How to Take Good Animal Art Photos

Shooting animals with a wide-angle lens results in a photo that blends better with the surrounding environment and is more natural. When composing pictures, the telephoto lens can capture harmonious images. ​deer camera  You can use techniques to change the focal length as you try to get clos…

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What are the factors that affect endoscopy?

lighting conditions.

Most endoscopy uses the endoscope's own light source for illumination.


Probe position and angle.

Usually, it is best to observe the image within 5~25mm from the detection area, but in actual work, by repeatedly changing the position and angle of the probe and the …

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Can e-cigarettes help you lose weight?

Smoking e-cigarettes does not help weight loss by itself, because the ingested smoke produced by e-cigarettes does not contain ingredients that can help the body consume fat.


The claim that e-cigarettes can help weight loss may come from harmful substances such as nicotine in e-cigarettes, cbd…

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How to maintain electronic cigarettes in use


One of the reasons for placing e-cigarettes. When there is e-liquid in the atomizer, the cigarette holder should be placed upwards. When there is no smoke oil, it is more casual.


Battery care.

After the battery is dead, try to charge it, best electronic cigarette fully char…

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How to Install and Use a Lighting System


1. The lighting system should be set to be adjustable, that is, it can be adjusted when the light is dim or dazzling, architectural lighting design making people feel more comfortable and at ease.



2. The color temperature of the light should be consistent with the atmosphere of…

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The precautions for the use of elevators are:

1. The elevator should be maintained every day, otherwise the safety of the elevator will not be guaranteed. If the elevator needs to be refueled without refueling, elevator manufacturer  it will cause wear and damage to the mechanical parts of the elevator, and the elevator cannot be used norm…

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What are the classifications of DC motors

Brushless DC Motor: Brushless DC motor is the exchange of stator and rotor of ordinary DC motor. The rotor is a permanent magnet that generates air-gap magnetic flux; dc motor controller  ,the stator is an armature composed of multiphase windings.


Since the motor body is a permanent ma…

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Can the washing machine wash plush toys?


For lazy mothers who have a lot of plush toys at home, if they can be washed in the washing machine,​plush toy supplier.   it is best to throw them directly into the washing machine!


If the plush toys are not particularly large, and they are all short plush, they can be thrown int…

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What are the production technologies of stone paper

Modern papermaking technology includes the main steps of pulping, conditioning, papermaking and processing. In contrast, .​stone paper manufacturer the production of stone paper is quite different and more similar to the processing of plastics.


The main production processes of stone p…

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How to add antistatic agent to plastic?

How to add antistatic agent to plastic? Static hazards often result in significant damage and disaster. The methods of preventing static electricity on the surface of polymers mainly include air ionization,​plastic products    humidification, introduction of conductive substances, formation …

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There are a few things to keep in mind when drifting in an RC car.

1. The first is the proportion of the remote control car. ​rc company,Small cars cannot drift. Not enough weight, too little inertia. The wrong center of gravity is the crux of the small remote control car's inability to drift.



2, followed by the power supply. If you want to play …

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Advantages and disadvantages of stone paper


The whole process of stone paper does not need to be beaten with water to make paper, nor does it need to add a lot of chemicals, it will not cause the problem of wastewater discharge and treatment difficulties, and it is more environmentally friendly than stone paper.​stone paper sheets ,…

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Precautions for buying a children's balance car



steering angle

It is recommended to buy a handlebar with a 360° steering angle, so that the baby will not hurt the upper limbs when falling while riding, and the control is more comfortable and playable.



The handbrake is a very important point for many parents w…

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