There are a few things to keep in mind when drifting in an RC car.

1. The first is the proportion of the remote control car. ​rc company,Small cars cannot drift. Not enough weight, too little inertia. The wrong center of gravity is the crux of the small remote control car's inability to drift.



2, followed by the power supply. If you want to play rc car drift, the rc car you use must have a lot of power. Ordinary electric motors are usually underpowered, making it difficult to drift. If it is a fuel-burning model, it is better, but the handling requirements are very high.



3, and finally the tires. The tires of the vehicle are also special. If you want to play drift, you need to reduce the friction coefficient of the remote control car. Both front and rear tires should be ground flat, preferably without seeing the pattern. Drift is easier to play on smooth ground.




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