What are night vision binoculars and what do they do?

Infrared night vision device

Visible light at night is very weak, but infrared, invisible to the human eye, is abundant. Infrared vision equipment can help people observe, search, target and drive vehicles at night.


Although people discovered infrared light very early, the development of infrared remote sensing technology was very slow due to the limitation of infrared components.​night vision binoculars   It was not until Germany developed lead sulfide and several infrared transmitting materials in 1940 that the birth of infrared remote sensing instruments became possible.



low light night vision device

In extremely dim environments, the weak natural light can be enhanced to a level discernible to the naked eye through concentrating or artificial gain to achieve night vision effects.


The green night vision we see in movies or TV is an artificial low-light night vision image. Artificial gain equipment is small and has become the mainstream. Earnings can be made in a number of ways, which are still under development.




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