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How long can KN95 month disposable masks be used?

kn95 disposable face mask    is used to prevent and treat infectious diseases caused by airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. It is recommended that medical staff should use it once only. However, in view of the current shortage of supplies, if ordinary people use it for pr…

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Choosing lighting fixtures for downtown illumination?


With the development of metropolitan economic system, metropolitan impression architectural construction is becoming more and more essential, and lights engineering is an integral part of city design. best light city .The design of metropolitan lighting effects design is essential. What mus…

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What do you know about the rainproof switching power supply

Switching power supplies are now more widely used, especially in the application of high-tech, which promotes the development of high-tech, and is very helpful in saving energy, saving resources, and environmental protection. Among them, the rainproof switching power supply is of great significance.…

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