How long can KN95 month disposable masks be used?

kn95 disposable face mask    is used to prevent and treat infectious diseases caused by airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. It is recommended that medical staff should use it once only. However, in view of the current shortage of supplies, if ordinary people use it for protection, they can only go out to buy vegetables for daily use, and they are not contaminated with any saliva, and the time can be extended to about 2 days.


It is better to choose the disposable mask


The N95 mask with prevention of respiratory tract infection is the first choice, followed by medical surgical masks, which can prevent respiratory tract infection to a certain extent. However, like our usual paper masks, cotton masks, activated carbon masks, and sponge masks, they are not the first choice because the material is not tight enough and the effect of preventing infection is limited.



What to pay attention to when choosing KN95 disposable masks    

Buying guide for purchasing disposable kn95 masks    

Precautions for wearing and using KN95 masks    

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