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Can the Radio controlled remote control be common?

In the event the radio controlled vehicle remote control is lost or destroyed, asking yourself if these remotes are exchangeable and if use a distinct design or model of different remotes for the radio controlled car.


Radio controlled remotes appearance similar, however are they completely …

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What are the classifications of circuit boards

Circuit boards are divided into three types: single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer circuit boards according to the number of layers.


Single-sided, on the most basic PCB, control pcb board    ,the parts are concentrated on one side and the wires are concentrated on the other side. Si…

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Is there any difference between rc and flat running?

1. Flat running is a kind of remote control car. Like the real car, the .RC model car will also be divided into various models according to speed, climbing ability, off-road passability, etc. Flat running is a large type of RC model car.rc accessories There are three main types of flat running: …

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Which parts of the industrial computer need to be cleaned?

Expansion Card

If the expansion card is covered with dust, it will affect the contact between the computer and the device. In severe cases, it will cause malfunction and damage due to poor contact. ​fanless industrial pc。Therefore, maintenance personnel should regularly use a brush or soft br…

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Matters needing attention when machining mechanical parts


When machining parts of the machine, when the workpiece is too high, it should be roughened with different lengths of knives in layers. After roughing with a large knife, the remaining material should be removed with a small knife. ​cnc machining manufacturers ,Use flat-bottomed knives to p…

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What's wrong with the mattress that needs to be replaced

how your body feels when you wake up in the morning

When you wake up in the morning and have symptoms such as back pain, you should check the mattress you sleep on after eliminating the cause. wholesale mattress ,A mattress that fits you so you can relax and rejuvenate instead of getting tired

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Do e-cigarettes have nicotine?

E-cigarettes contain nicotine, or nicotine. Its function is to make the electronic cigarette also have a throat hit, making the taste closer to real cigarettes.



Nicotine is addictive. When smoking e-cigarettes, ​best vape pen ,this nicotine can bind to nicotine acetylcholine recep…

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The working principle of CNC machining of metal parts

CNC is a highly mechatronic product.​custom machined parts It is an efficient automatic machine tool composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system for processing complex shape workpieces.



The CNC machine tool is equipped with a tool magazine with automatic tool ch…

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How are NATO nylon straps made?

The nylon strap is made of a special material that can be manufactured inside the stainless steel strap. The technical requirements of nylon straps are very high, and they must be waterproof and wear-resistant. nato watch band  ,The production process of nylon wristbands is very complicated.

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What types of night vision goggles are there?

There are three types of night vision devices: active infrared night vision devices, low-light night vision devices, and thermal imaging night vision devices. night vision The first and third types of night vision devices mainly use the principle of infrared light, while the second type mainly us…

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Considerations when buying a used iPhone

1. With or without iCloud Activation Lock


When buying a second-hand iPhone, you should check whether the iPhone has iCloud Activation Lock through Apple's official website. If there is an activation lock, firstly, it is impossible to confirm whether the seller is the owner, and secondly, the iP…

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Cell phone can't locate bluetooth headset remedy

1. The Wireless headset is not really inside the lookup state when it is switched on/away. Sports Bluetooth Earphones  ,  Lengthy hit the multiple function (for instance, the red and light blue lighting display alternately) option to switch on the Wireless bluetooth integrating.

2. It comes wi…

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What is the structure of the lens?

What is the structure of the lens? The lens structure can be understood as the structure of the lens, which is mainly composed of lenses. The lens of any current camera cannot consist of a single lens, including standard lenses and functional add-on lenses.usb camera module manufacturer  ,   A shot…

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How to Cancel Noise from Phone Headphones

1. It is possible that the mobile phone has a current problem with the headphone jack. This is a hardware problem with the phone. Wired Headphones With MIC  , You can replace the headset to check.


2. It may be that the headphone jack is not plugged in properly, you can rotate the headp…

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What are the functions of cabinet hardware

There are still many types of cabinet hardware, and there are many types of different types of cabinet hardware.cabinet hardware suppliers So what are these cabinet hardware? What are the characteristics and functions of each?




Pulleys (rails) are the most used hardware in the overall …

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What are the ways to extend the life of your watch

Maintenance and repair to professional repair center

In-depth maintenance measures involve more "professional" maintenance measures, such as removing the back cover of the watch, adding lubricating oil to the movement, etc., watch strap nylon   so it is best to send the watch to a watch repair c…

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Maintenance method of air compressor air filter

1. The core part of the air filter element of the air compressor is the filter element. The filter element of the air compressor air filter  element is composed of special materials, which are easily damaged and must be carefully protected;


2. After the air filter of the air compressor wor…

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Exactly what are the benefits of headsets over in-ears headsets?

At present, earphones are mostly split up into mind installed and also in ear earphones. So,Wired On Ear Headphones  what are the benefits of in-hearing headphones over in-ear headphones?

good pronunciation

The headset car owner system can probably be said to be the most crucial component fro…

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Do hair growth laser caps work? are there any side effects?

To be precise, laser hair growth caps are now effective for people with thinning hair loss, so the question of whether laser hair growth caps are useful is not very accurate.laser cap for hair growth In terms of treatment principle, soft laser therapy has the effect of regulating human physiologi…

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