Which parts of the industrial computer need to be cleaned?

Expansion Card

If the expansion card is covered with dust, it will affect the contact between the computer and the device. In severe cases, it will cause malfunction and damage due to poor contact. ​fanless industrial pc。Therefore, maintenance personnel should regularly use a brush or soft brush to remove dust from the expansion card.



There is a row of "gold fingers" on hardware such as graphics cards. The dust on it can be removed with a soft brush such as an expansion card, because the oxide on the gold fingers will prevent the IPC from making poor contact with these hardware, resulting in failure.


CPU cooler

Under normal circumstances, the CPU in the computer does not require additional cleaning, but due to the harsh environment of the industrial computer, dust can easily accumulate on the heat sink of the CPU. If it is not cleaned, it will affect the heat dissipation of the CPU.




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