Matters needing attention when machining mechanical parts


When machining parts of the machine, when the workpiece is too high, it should be roughened with different lengths of knives in layers. After roughing with a large knife, the remaining material should be removed with a small knife. ​cnc machining manufacturers ,Use flat-bottomed knives to process planes, and ball knives are rarely used to reduce processing time; if there is a slope, and it is an integer, use a sloped tool for processing.


At the same time, the staffs are set reasonably so that the machining accuracy and the computer calculation time are mutually averaged, and more processes are performed to reduce the time for empty tools; the rough material has high hardness, and up-cut milling is selected; the rough material has low hardness, and down-cut milling is selected. Roughing up-milling, finishing down-milling; the tool material has good toughness and low hardness, which is suitable for roughing, and the tool material has poor toughness and high hardness, which is suitable for finishing.


The clamping skills of the machined parts in the CNC machine tool processing of the machining manufacturer should also reasonably select the positioning datum and clamping plan. principle, in addition to these two principles, it is also necessary to consider although the machining of all surfaces can be achieved in one positioning and clamping




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