How are NATO nylon straps made?

The nylon strap is made of a special material that can be manufactured inside the stainless steel strap. The technical requirements of nylon straps are very high, and they must be waterproof and wear-resistant. nato watch band  ,The production process of nylon wristbands is very complicated.


First, the wrist part needs to be tightened with a special tool; at the wrist, it needs to be fixed with a special tool. If the straps of the dial and neck cannot be fixed, they must be made of special materials.


The technical requirements for nylon wristbands are very strict. First, you need to use a special nylon dial. This nylon wristband is large, long and finely constructed.


One of the structures consists of a layer of nylon filaments and several nylon filaments. Among them, nylon yarn is a special material. The length of the nylon thread is short, the structure is very fine, and the dial and wrist have a special structure.





What are the characteristics of NATO nylon straps?

What are the characteristics of NATO strap design    

What should I do if the strap is moldy?




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