What are the ways to extend the life of your watch

Maintenance and repair to professional repair center

In-depth maintenance measures involve more "professional" maintenance measures, such as removing the back cover of the watch, adding lubricating oil to the movement, etc., watch strap nylon   so it is best to send the watch to a watch repair center and ask professional maintenance personnel for help.


Idle still insist on winding or replace the battery

If there is an idle watch at home, even if the idle watch is not used to check the time, we still need to regularly wind the watch or replace the battery, and ensure that there is always lubricating oil inside the movement.


Try to stay away from areas and objects with strong magnetic fields

Many small parts in a watch are made of steel, so the watch is afraid of invisible substances such as magnetic fields.


I would like to remind everyone that you must have a correct understanding of the waterproof and anti-magnetic properties of the watch, and do not wear or store the watch in an unsuitable environment.




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