What are the functions of cabinet hardware

There are still many types of cabinet hardware, and there are many types of different types of cabinet hardware.cabinet hardware suppliers So what are these cabinet hardware? What are the characteristics and functions of each?




Pulleys (rails) are the most used hardware in the overall cabinet. Pulleys are used for drawers, door panels and cabinets. A good pulley drawer will be flexible to open without making an abnormal noise.


pull the basket

Pull baskets are generally mainly used to provide space for storage. Pull baskets are divided into drawer pull baskets, corner pull baskets, etc. These pull baskets for different purposes are the most important part of cabinet hardware.



The hanging code is generally installed in the hanging cabinet to adjust the height of the hanging cabinet and support the hanging cabinet. It is often used in conjunction with hanging pieces, and is often fixed on the left and right sides of the hanging cabinet, and then the cabinet combiner is added to ensure the fixed quality. The hanging code is divided into open hanging code and dark hanging hanging code.




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