How to Cancel Noise from Phone Headphones

1. It is possible that the mobile phone has a current problem with the headphone jack. This is a hardware problem with the phone. Wired Headphones With MIC  , You can replace the headset to check.


2. It may be that the headphone jack is not plugged in properly, you can rotate the headphone plug to check.


3. There may be a problem with the headphone cable. This is usually due to tangled wires causing damage to the wires. It usually occurs on the back end of the plug and can be detected by shaking the connecting part of the headphone cable and the plug.


4. Then there is the problem of the headset itself. This may be the current sound caused by the surrounding electromagnetic radiation, or the current sound caused by the poor performance of the earphone itself. Better headphones filter out the current sound even when the audio is outputting. .




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