Is there any difference between rc and flat running?

1. Flat running is a kind of remote control car. Like the real car, the .RC model car will also be divided into various models according to speed, climbing ability, off-road passability, etc. Flat running is a large type of RC model car.rc accessories There are three main types of flat running: racing, drifting, and street racing.



2.Radio Control refers to radio control. RC is the abbreviation of Radio Control, which literally means Remote Control or Radio Control. The scope of remote control is very wide. Remote control car models, aircraft models, ship models, and even military drones and combat robots belong to the category of remote control. It is especially emphasized that children's remote control toys do not belong to the RC category.



3.flat run and rc are the same, but the name is different. Drift cars are mainstream because trams are more refined than oil cars and can drift perfectly. Ordinary flats and RVs can also drift after simple modifications (rear differential lock, replacement of auxiliary drift tires). Of course, if you think that's not enough, then you can buy a professional drift rack.


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