What is the structure of the lens?

What is the structure of the lens? The lens structure can be understood as the structure of the lens, which is mainly composed of lenses. The lens of any current camera cannot consist of a single lens, including standard lenses and functional add-on lenses.usb camera module manufacturer  ,   A shot usually consists of multiple shots grouped as needed to reproduce the subject as clearly and accurately as possible.


The structure of the lens mainly refers to the number of lenses that make up the lens. Because different manufacturers and products use different technologies, it is absolutely impossible to simply assume that the number of lenses is better or the number of lenses is less!


In addition to the number of lenses, the material of the lens is also an important technical indicator of the lens structure. At present, the material of the lens can be generally divided into two categories: glass and plastic. Both materials are related to the technology and characteristics adopted by the lens manufacturer, and there is no difference between the two materials.




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