What do you know about the rainproof switching power supply

Switching power supplies are now more widely used, especially in the application of high-tech, which promotes the development of high-tech, and is very helpful in saving energy, saving resources, and environmental protection. Among them, the rainproof switching power supply is of great significance. Here I can introduce you to the knowledge about it.


The rainproof power supply  includes: a box body, a switching power supply, and a switching power supply adapter board, and its box body is composed of a bottom shell and a face cover. There should be a water outlet on the lower end cover, in this way, the rainwater can be prevented from entering the box body, and the heat dissipation effect has also been greatly improved.


When purchasing a rainproof switching power supply, we must choose a high-quality and guaranteed power supply, and pay more attention to the power supply board when choosing to avoid the situation of shoddy charging. The inferior products on the market use half-wave lead plates. This will make the life of the switching power supply shorter, while the normal life will be longer. At the same time, many low-quality products are made of second-hand components. Once they are used for a long time, they will explode, which is a very dangerous situation. Therefore, everyone must remember that you get what you pay for, and you must choose quality. Guaranteed product.


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