How to Take Good Animal Art Photos

Shooting animals with a wide-angle lens results in a photo that blends better with the surrounding environment and is more natural. When composing pictures, the telephoto lens can capture harmonious images. ​deer camera  You can use techniques to change the focal length as you try to get closer to your subject.


In some cases, a photo of multiple animals can be more interesting than a photo of just one animal. For example: multiple animals will gather in a puddle to bathe, forage, rest, and if you shoot during this time, you may get more interesting photos.


Change the shooting angle, and if conditions permit, adjust the shooting angle to keep it at the same level as the sight of the animal being photographed. Also, when your angle of view does not exceed the height of the subject you are photographing, your threat is reduced accordingly. Animals will feel more natural


Be patient when shooting in the wild, approach potential subjects gradually, and stop moving immediately if the subject shows anxiety. When the animal realizes that you are not a threat, the chances of getting an interesting photo are greatly improved.




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