How to add antistatic agent to plastic?

How to add antistatic agent to plastic? Static hazards often result in significant damage and disaster. The methods of preventing static electricity on the surface of polymers mainly include air ionization,​plastic products    humidification, introduction of conductive substances, formation of hygroscopic film on the surface, application of antistatic agents, etc.



The most widely used antistatic method is the addition of antistatic agents. An antistatic agent is a surfactant-based chemical additive that prevents the creation of electrostatic charges or effectively dissipates them. The use of antistatic agents is applied or added on the surface of the product.



At present, the development of antistatic agents is relatively fast, mainly including high-efficiency non-toxic antistatic agents for the plastics industry, high-efficiency multifunctional antistatic agents and surface treatment agents for the synthetic fiber industry.




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