What are the factors that affect endoscopy?

lighting conditions.

Most endoscopy uses the endoscope's own light source for illumination.


Probe position and angle.

Usually, it is best to observe the image within 5~25mm from the detection area, but in actual work, by repeatedly changing the position and angle of the probe and the observation point to find a suitable observation position, ​csi camera module  ,the best detection effect can be obtained.



When selecting a channel, it should be as close as possible to the position to be detected to ensure that the probe is in the correct direction in the product channel; when traveling in the channel, the method should be adopted while watching and passing through.


 Image distortion.

The phenomenon of deformation of objects observed through the lens, as the distance from the center of the lens to the edge increases, the image is distorted. Image distortion can affect the judgment and measurement of defects.




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