Advantages and disadvantages of different straps

leather strap

Most leather straps are made of genuine leather, and the biggest feature is comfort. The overall feel of the leather strap is suitable for casual wear, giving a feeling of elegance and calmness. leather apple watch band  , In addition to being elegant, a woman's words also have a touch of agility. It's just that the leather strap is easy to wear and age, and the replacement rate is hindered.


metal strap

Metal straps can actually be subdivided into precious metal straps and stainless steel straps, and one of the advantages of metal straps is durability. As for the disadvantage of the metal strap, it is probably easy to hide dirt. If the metal strap is exposed to sweat and not treated in time, it is easy to accumulate dirt, leading to wear and corrosion.


rubber strap

Rubber materials have an advantage that cannot be ignored. The flexibility of rubber is particularly good. More and more premium watches prefer rubber straps. The only downside to rubber straps is that they tend to get hard in winter, and the quality of different rubbers varies widely, which may feel cheap.


First, there are several types of leather. Using the quantifier "several" makes me look a little unprofessional and imprecise.leather apple watch band  ,  Leather is an artificially processed animal hide. The addition of "skin" is to make the "skin" more durable and durable, and to a certain extent, it also increases the comfortable feel.



There are many types of leather, but they can be roughly divided into natural fine leather, coarse leather, artificial leather, etc. Different treatments also divide leather into different types.



Why cowhide? First, due to the larger size of cattle, there are more areas and choices for adult cattle to be used for tanning. Another reason is that the demand for beef is also very high, so the production of cowhide is also very large.



The leather material of the strap should follow the following characteristics: First, it must be soft enough. You must know that different parts of cowhide and leather materials presented by different processing methods bring different feelings to the wearer. Second, it needs to be durable enough not to be so soft that it breaks after a few wears; in general, it needs to be both soft and durable.




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