What are the classifications of DC motors

Brushless DC Motor: Brushless DC motor is the exchange of stator and rotor of ordinary DC motor. The rotor is a permanent magnet that generates air-gap magnetic flux; dc motor controller  ,the stator is an armature composed of multiphase windings.


Since the motor body is a permanent magnet motor, it is customary to call a brushless DC motor also a permanent magnet brushless DC motor.


Brushed DC motor: The two brushes of the brushed motor are fixed on the back cover of the motor through an insulating seat, and the positive and negative poles of the power supply are directly introduced into the commutator of the rotor. Two stationary magnets are forced to rotate.


Since the commutator and the rotor are fixed together, and the brushes and the housing (stator) are fixed together, when the motor rotates, the brushes and the commutator constantly rub, which will generate a lot of resistance and heat.




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