Advantages and disadvantages of stone paper


The whole process of stone paper does not need to be beaten with water to make paper, nor does it need to add a lot of chemicals, it will not cause the problem of wastewater discharge and treatment difficulties, and it is more environmentally friendly than stone paper.​stone paper sheets   Traditional papermaking.


Stone paper has a certain degree of whiteness, which is characterized by high tensile strength, good folding resistance and anti-burst performance, good ink absorption performance when used for printing, and high ink printing clarity and precision. And stone paper is naturally degradable.


Insufficient stone paper: The normal life of stone paper is about 20-30 years, and it will be crushed in less than 6 months under direct sunlight, so the storage time of stone paper is shorter than that of traditional paper.


Stone paper is heavier than traditional paper, making it inconvenient to bind and transport. The scope of application is not as wide as that of traditional paper. It is currently known that it is mainly used for printing books, newspapers, notebooks, packaging bags, shopping bags, packaging boxes, etc.



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