What are the advantages of LED point light sources in lighting?

Good impact and impact resistance

LED point light sources do not have to be evacuated or filled with specific gases like incandescent or fluorescent lamps. ​led point light  Therefore, the LED light source has good shock resistance and impact resistance, which brings convenience to the production, transportation and use of the LED light source.


safe and stable

The LED light source can be driven by low voltage DC. Under normal circumstances, the power supply voltage is between 6 and 24 volts, with good safety performance, especially suitable for use in public places.


Good environmental performance

Because the LED point light source does not add metal mercury in the production process, it will not cause mercury pollution after discarding, and its waste can be recycled, saving resources and protecting the environment.


Good brightness adjustability

According to the principle of LED point light source lighting, the luminous brightness or output luminous flux basically changes positively with the current. Its working current can be large or small within the rated range, and has good adjustability, which lays the foundation for realizing the lighting and stepless brightness control of LED point light source users.




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