What to consider when choosing a sweeping robot

Nowadays, more and more families buy sweeping robots, which are very convenient to use. How to choose a Robotic Floor Sweeper, what are the key points?


The first element: look at the navigation

Navigation is something that every sweeping robot has, and it is the ability of every sweeping robot to scan the whole house when it is working. At present, there are four types of navigation in the sweeping robot market, namely laser navigation, visual navigation, infrared navigation, and gyroscope navigation.


The second element: look at the hardware

The hardware strength determines the cleaning rate of the sweeping robot. The greater the suction power, the more garbage it can pick up, and it can eliminate all kinds of garbage. The greater the power, the longer the cleaning time. Facing most households, there is no need to repeatedly return to the charging stand for charging, which can save the cleaning efficiency of the sweeping robot. decision


The third element: look at the type

With the development of sweeping robots, more and more sweeping robots have wet mopping capabilities, and sweeping robots that can only sweep the floor are not cost-effective. Therefore, when choosing a sweeping robot, you can choose a sweeping robot that integrates sweeping and mopping, so that a sweeping robot can meet all your cleaning needs, and you don’t need to mop the floor after cleaning.




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