What is the right size of the watch

There are always many watch lovers who don’t know how to choose a watch that suits their wrist size. Some people blindly pursue a large dial, ignoring the problem that it would be inappropriate to wear a large dial to attend formal occasions; If you only wear a minimalist watch with a small dial, if you dress in an inconspicuous way, it will appear mediocre and unremarkable. apple strap ,So how do you choose a watch that fits your wrist size?



Generally speaking, a formal watch should be bought appropriately, rather than a small one. While other tables are the opposite, that is, it is better to be big than small.


What size watch is appropriate?

If you want the most law-abiding diameter size, you can apply an unauthoritative formula circulating on the Internet, that is, divide the circumference of your wrist by the diameter of the watch you want to buy. The value obtained by dividing the two is called the case index. It is generally believed that the index in the range of 4-5 is an ideal size. If it is less than 4, the watch is too large, otherwise it is too small. In addition to this, another important factor to consider is to make sure that your watch will not touch your wrist bone;





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