What are the selection tips when choosing a dash cam?

Choose a brand you can trust

Faced with various driving recorders on the market, many people do not know when to buy and how to choose. Automotive Camera, Products of well-known brands are usually produced after being market proven and market tested to ensure quality and even provide good A/S in the event of future problems.


clear enough

Regardless of your dash cam's brand and innovative features, clarity is paramount. After all, a dash cam is basically a camera tool. You need to ensure the clarity of your captures. Otherwise, it is useless.


Night vision function can not be less

No matter how high the pixel is, it's useless if you can't shoot well at night. Make sure the vehicle's surroundings are clearly captured in dark environments. Otherwise, even an accident cannot provide strong evidence.


wide angle is correct

In order to better reduce blind spots, many video recorders have adopted a wide-angle design. In theory, the wider the wide-angle, the more comprehensive the field of view, but the wider the wide-angle, the easier the image is distorted. Therefore, when choosing a wide-angle, it is more appropriate to use a wide-angle of 120° to 140°




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