What are the dead pixels of the LCD panel


The dead pixels of the LCD screen are also called black dots. Refers to the sub-pixels displayed in three colors of black, white, red, green and blue on the LCD screen. Each dot represents a sub-pixel. The most feared LCD screen is dead pixels. Once dead pixels appear, no matter what the image displayed on the monitor is, the dots on the monitor always display the same color.3.5 inch lcd display, This situation can only be solved by replacing the entire display. However, if it is due to the dead pixels left in the still picture for a long time, it can be removed by software repair or erasing.


Dead pixels are the inevitable physical damage during the production and use of the LCD screen. In most cases, it happens when the screen is manufactured. Impact or natural loss during use may also cause dead pixels. As long as one or more of the three primary colors constituting a single pixel is damaged, bright dead pixels will be produced, and damage may be caused by both production and use.





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