What are the characteristics of SMT chip processing


Printed circuit boards used for SMT processing assembly and interconnection must adapt to the rapid development of current SMT chip assembly technology. THT&SMT equipmentSMT chip processing components have the same functions as through-hole plug-in circuit board processing products. SMT chip processing has the following main features:


1. High density: fine lines and fine pitches greatly improve the assembly density of SMT. When the corresponding SMT processing equipment has high precision, the corresponding SMT processing equipment can be completed.


2. Small aperture: Most of the metallized holes in SMT are not used to insert component pins, so the aperture should be reduced as much as possible to provide more space for SMT patches.


3. Low thermal expansion coefficient: any material will expand after being heated, and excessive expansion will cause damage to the material. Therefore, the CTE of the SMT circuit board substrate is required to be as low as possible to suit the matching with the device.


4. Good high temperature resistance: Most of the current SMT circuit boards are lead-free soldering, which requires a higher soldering temperature. It is required that the SMT chip circuit board has small deformation and no blistering after soldering, and the pads still have excellent solderability.




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