What are the advantages of stone paper

It is not difficult to develop a strategy. Your time and money are large, and the output is very good. As the strength decreases, it may not use plant fibers and decompose shrubs..stone paper products   This may preserve a large amount of wood and protect the normal ecosystem without adding reliable Chemical and organic products such as acids, alkalis, and bleaches will never emit waste water for drinking, and waste deposits and hazardous and harmful harmful and toxic gases are eco-friendly products.



The project has wonderful mechanized factors, standard water convection, moisture resistance, mothproofing, foldable resistance measurement, tearing hedge, air resistance, low undefined danger, odorless, pollution-free, protected geometry The increase in size is of great significance for publishing, and the effect is excellent. It will naturally degrade into natural powder and then simply dispose of it. Nature and other attributes.



Making process of natural stone paper medicinal materials

What will be the attributes from the stone papers manufacturing method?

What participation does rock pieces of paper make to environment safety?

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