There are several types of electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes can be divided into two categories: smoking sets and e-liquid. According to the principle, vape productselectronic cigarettes can be divided into steam electronic cigarettes and heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes.


Vapor-type e-cigarettes use an atomizer to heat a solution containing nicotine (and some without nicotine) to produce aerosol for people to inhale. The steam-type electronic cigarette is mainly composed of three parts: an oil storage tank containing nicotine solution (electronic cigarette oil), an atomizer and a battery rod.


The atomizer is usually composed of oil storage cotton and heating wire. After the e-liquid enters the atomizer, it will be stored in the oil storage cotton. The oil storage cotton is located in the key position on the oil guide groove and is responsible for connecting and isolating the oil storage tank and the atomizer. Its size must be strictly controlled. control.


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