The harm of inferior plush toys to children

1. Trigger allergies

Because plush toys are textile toys that children directly touch the skin, the surface of the plush is easy to hide dust, bacteria and formaldehyde, which can cause children's allergic symptoms during play and contact, and endanger their health.stuffed animal toys,The most common situation is that bacteria on toys can cause diarrhea and lung infections in children.


2. Formaldehyde stimulation

Because formaldehyde is very irritating to human respiratory tract and skin diseases, it may cause respiratory tract inflammation and dermatitis. In addition, formaldehyde is very irritating to the skin, and it is also an initiator of various allergies. When children play with formaldehyde-containing plush toys, some free formaldehyde will be released, which will damage the child's health.



3. Cross infection

Because some toys are not clean, multiple children are prone to cross-infection. Especially some "three no products" plush toys, which are stuffed with black cotton cloth. These fillers contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. After contact with children, it is easy to cause crying and erythema. Inducing skin diseases or other infectious diseases.



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