How to use a lavalier microphone and what are the advantages


1. Within the management element of the lavalier mic, clip on microphone    Away is the state recording using a mobile phone ON is the condition of saving with a SLR digital camera the white colored metal is clipped, mainly used to correct the mic cable tv wide open the metal clip Hanging, it is possible to place some control electric battery inside of.


2. Within the lavalier clip repairing place of the lavalier microphone, including the lapel clip, it can be clipped at the neck line for recording the mic 100 % cotton protects the top the mic mind recording function it is suitable for most taking gear.


3. Pay attention when you use it, because the lavalier microphone is used on the upper body and is far away from the mouth area, the production volume level will probably be cut down tremendously. If the volume of the amplifier is converted up, you can easily develop wheezing.


To get a vloger, simple video creator or anchor who would like to increase the quality of the seem and obtain my impact, it's fantastic. As well as its superb radio impact, wifi interconnection, compactness and mobility can also be aspects that add favor with it.




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