How do I protect an external monitor?

1. Rainproof and waterproof, the LED display adopts a modular design, and all electronic components are used. If it is not waterproof and rainproof, it is easy to cause unnecessary losses due to leakage and short circuit. led display wall   ,The LED display used in the outdoor environment must ensure that the equipment meets the relevant rainproof and waterproof standard IP68


2. Anti-wind load and anti-seismic, in order to prevent the equipment from falling when using the LED display screen, there are strict requirements for the selection of load-bearing steel structure steel that resists wind load and anti-seismic, especially for the installation of roof seats and columns. stricter than other forms.


3. High temperature resistance, outdoor LED display uses a large area, and the appearance design and structure of the display must be adjusted during the installation stage. The interior adopts a macro ventilation design to reduce circuit compliance and effectively dissipate heat.


4. In order to prevent open flames, the LED display wire must be made of flame-retardant materials to prevent the wire from aging and catching fire when it is short-circuited.




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