How Car Cameras Work with Car Displays


The camera's power supply is linked to the reversing taillights. As soon as the turn back equipment is at items, the Car Camera Module   operates synchronously with power supply, along with the gathered movie facts are delivered to the wireless recipient before the vehicle with the wireless network transmitter. The recipient transmits online video information and facts towards the GPS navigator through the AV IN interface, so that once the recipient obtains the sign, irrespective of any operations program in the GPS navigator, the LCD screen will be provided goal for movie reversing.


The main difference between vehicle digicam and car monitor and automobile DVD navigator When utilizing a transportable GPS navigator, when using the car check, so long as the vehicle keep track of is in change products, the vehicle keep track of will automatically screen the car digicam image. The car DVD menu can only show the automobile digicam impression when it is excited when utilized along with the mobile GPS navigator, the car digital camera impression can only be displayed when the navigator is turned on.



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