Do I need to remove the film to sleep on the newly bought mattress?


Some families are afraid that the mattress will be dirty and difficult to clean, so the new mattresses they bought are put on the bed in their original packaging and placed under their bodies.ultra plush mattress, Don't you know that doing so is more harmful to the body. The human body needs to discharge water through sweat glands, etc. If you sleep on a mattress covered with a plastic sheet, the moisture will not go down, but will adhere to the mattress and bedsheets and cover the human body, making people uncomfortable, and turning over during sleep will increase. The number of times affects the quality of sleep. If you look closely at the mattresses currently on the market, we will find that many of the cushions have three or four holes on the side, which are vents. Why are these pores included in the manufacturer’s design? It is undoubtedly from the quality of human sleep. In consideration of the above, if the consumer does not even tear off the plastic sheet, it will be a waste of the manufacturer's painstaking efforts. Consumers can only ventilate when the film is torn off. The moisture from your body will be absorbed by the mattress. The mattress can also release the moisture into the air when you are not sleeping!


If you don’t take off the mattress, you will not be able to breathe and absorb moisture. If you sleep for a long time, you will feel wet in the bed. And because the mattress itself is not breathable, it is more prone to mold and breed bacteria and mites! Long-term exposure to moisture will rust the internal structure of your mattress, and you will squeak when you turn over. Another basic knowledge is that the smell of plastic is bad for the respiratory system.



Can  sleep directly on the new mattress? New mattress selection method

Can directly sleep on a newly purchased mattress?




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