Are the cabinet handles hidden or hidden?

The kitchen treatment may seem unremarkable, but it actually serves as the finishing touch and showcases style. kitchen cabinet hardware, Currently, you will find connection types and built-in types on the market. So, is the case handle hidden or exposed better?


Outer support can be divided into single open and extended strip

The exterior treatment has numerous designs and rich designs. Some European-style, American-style, oriental and other designed cabinets adopt this treatment method, and the decoration of the cabinets is very delicate. Generally, this handle can be used in kitchen cabinets or drawers. The button-on type is the most standard and frequent type on the market, suitable for any kitchen area design.


Embedded handles also known as hidden handles

The most popular kitchen door deals are hidden. Also, it is installed on the drawer doorway. It is actually invisible from the outside. When installing a concealed front door, be sure to allow space. Leave a gap of about 3cm between the front door of the box and the front door of the cabinet, and you can put it in the treatment. This gap should not be too large or too thin.


As for whether the cabinet handles are exposed or hidden? Finally, you can choose to reveal or hide if you want. Depends on individual aesthetic attention and decorative fashion



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