Appearance demands for plastic material injection items


Shot molding vegetation need to method merchandise in accordance with consumer specifications to ensure customer happiness. plastic injection molding service So, which are the visual appeal requirements for plastic-type material injection merchandise?

1. Plastic material shot molding is carried out according to the requirements of composed papers, without the need of damage, blur, uneven thickness, falling off, marks, etc.

2. The design in the ends and corners should meet the requirements of the sketches, the guide group must be flush, and there must be no irregular edges and edges the outer lining is smooth without the need of apparent deformation, along with the exposed surface has no convex points and convex seashells.

3. The appearance colour of plastic-type parts needs to be made in accordance with the standard of certified examples or written demands, colour difference of batches is not really obvious, as well as the gloss uniformity is strong there should be no obvious scratches in the uncovered work surface, besides those that could be cleaned away from





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