What kinds of sunglasses are there

1. Polarized sunglasses


It can reduce glare and is used on horizontal roads and water, ice and snow. It is worn when driving, skiing, water skiing, golfing, and biking. Elderly people who are sensitive to light after cataract surgery can improve their visual comfort by choosing polarized sunglasses. When driving, please be aware that if you wear polarized glasses, you will not be able to see the LED display in the car, GPS and mobile phone screens, ATM and fuel pump digital displays, etc. Recommended colors: yellow, brown, and blue, which can filter blue light.


2. Color changing sunglasses

Myopic people like the convenience of color-changing sunglasses. style of sunglassesThe color of the lens becomes darker or lighter with the intensity of the light. However, when entering an indoor or outdoor environment, the lens cannot change color immediately. The windshield of a car interferes with the discoloration of the lens, so it is not as effective when driving. In a cold environment, the lens discolors slowly. Sometimes the indoor light is too strong, and the color of the lens becomes dark, which looks strange. The discolored lenses are not dark enough, especially in environments with strong sunlight reflections such as beaches, snow, water sports, etc., they cannot replace sunglasses and cannot bring sufficient visual comfort.


3. Mirror sunglasses

The color of the mirror reflective coating is varied, which is determined by the thickness and structure of the coating, and the wearer's visual experience is not colorful, generally brown or gray. Reflective coating will reduce the light passing through the lens by 10-60%, so it is very suitable for deserts, sea lakes, snowy mountains and high altitude areas. Very popular in extreme sports.










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