What are the tips for buying a mini computer

Choose specifications according to your needs
From the use, it can be roughly divided into categories such as business, e-sports, video editing, and drawing creation. Therefore, we should first determine the main use, and then look for a model that meets the pc i7 In this way, it is not difficult for us to find a satisfactory Goods that fit your budget.

1. Confirm the style of the CPU processor
The CPU specifications directly affect the operating performance of the system, and of course also determine the operating range of the computer.

2. Number of cores affecting processing efficiency
The number of CPU cores represents its multi-tasking processing capabilities. The more cores, the more people divide the labor, which can perform multi-party data operations at the same time.

3. The independent display card makes the screen calculation smoother
The graphics card is a micro-processor for performing drawing calculations. It mainly displays the calculation results of the system on the screen correctly. Among them, it can be divided into two categories: an integrated display processor and an independent display card.

Pay attention to the design of heat dissipation
In order to save space, some mini computers use fanless designs and low-heat components. The advantage is that they can be completely silent during operation. However, without the help of active heat dissipation, it is extremely important that their passive heat dissipation design can effectively dissipate heat.
Common passive cooling methods include adding heat sinks, adopting a porous design in the case, and increasing the number of vents to help heat the heat to be discharged as soon as possible, but these methods can only meet the needs of low-heat operations.

Confirm the type and number of ports supported by the machine
Whether it is work or leisure entertainment, many people now use dual screens to improve efficiency. Whether the host can provide multi-screen output depends mainly on the specifications of the display chip or the independent display card.



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