Is a touch screen computer worth buying?

The touch screen was initially popular in the mobile phone and tablet field. Many computers now support touch screens. Of course, if you remove the game notes and buy a gaming notebook, the touch screen is not very convenient when playing games, touch screen computer,and it is easy to make mistakes.

Touch-screen computers are for mobile office use. They were designed for convenience at the beginning. Regardless of the price, their performance is much lower than that of desktop computers. Although there will be tablets with higher performance, most of those who buy tablets are student parties, which can satisfy the game while also having the advantage of being portable.

Since the design of the computer is for convenience at the beginning, the computer design of the touch screen is also for convenience. Indeed, under the premise of no mouse, it is very convenient to complete the operation of the mouse at one point on the screen.

However, it is easy to leave fingerprints on the screen with the touch screen, which may be unacceptable for some people who pursue beauty, and it will also affect the look and feel of the screen.

Technology is developed, and the concept is inherited. Now many people use computers with touch screens. This shows that the touch screen computer market is still quite large. In some cases, touch panels are indeed convenient for mice. It depends on everyone. Demand.



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