How to maintain the headset is not easy to break

In many cases we need to use headphones. However, if the headset is not properly protected, it is very easy to break. So, how to protect the earphones better?



1. When using headphones, it is best not to turn on as loud as possible.  Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling HeadphonesThis is because once the maximum volume is turned on, it is easy to damage the quality of human ears and headphones.



2. The headphone plug should not be pulled out frequently. This is because if the plug is always pulled out, it is easy to affect the sound quality of the headphones due to excessive wear.



3. When using headphones on weekdays. You should not pull too hard on the headphone cable, otherwise the cable will be easily broken, and you will not be able to listen to music at this time.


4. When the earphone is not in use, it should not be rolled up on the Walkman, but should be put into the matching box or bag, so that the earphone cable is not easy to age and deform.


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