Analysis on Difficulties of Sheet Metal Processing Technology and Improvement Measures

Sheet metal processing occupies an important position in mechanical engineering. With the improvement of sheet metal processing technology, the requirements for the level of sheet metal processing technology are getting higher and higher.sheet metal fabrication company  However, there are still processing difficulties in the sheet metal processing technology, which is directly related to the speed of the sheet metal processing technology to advance. Reasonably improving the sheet metal processing technology is the key to the sheet metal industry.

Sheet metal processing is an important processing technology in the machinery industry. The requirements for sheet metal processing technology are relatively high. However, the traditional sheet metal processing technology can no longer meet the existing sheet metal processing. There is a certain gap between what is actually required now, so the sheet metal processing technology must be improved.

Difficulties in sheet metal processing technology
The sheet metal processing technology is the manual or mold method of some metal sheets, so as to make it into the shape and size we want and require, through welding or a small part of the mechanical processing, to make it into a more complex shape. All in all, the design of sheet metal components is not fixed, but changes with product changes. This is the difficult problem faced by sheet metal processing technology.

Measures to improve sheet metal processing technology
The problems encountered in the actual sheet metal processing technology can be analyzed from the following points and improved measures can be taken.

Material selection for sheet metal processing
Sheet metal processing is generally used in the shell of the equipment, so the selection of the sheet is very important. It is necessary to choose the right choice, to be convenient in processing, and to reduce the processing cost under the premise of ensuring the strength.

When processing materials with the same structure, it is necessary to ensure the utilization rate of the materials, and the thickness of the same specification of the material of the plate thickness can not exceed three at most. This requires a high degree of utilization of materials during processing and cannot be wasted. For that kind of high-strength and relatively high-requirement sheet metal structure, the method of thin plate reinforcement can be used to achieve the goal.

Some materials do not need to be sprayed on the shape of the material on the decorative surface, and need to be considered in terms of the decorative surface of the board and the texture of the board. If it is not exposed to the outside, the material does not have to be strictly required; but when the material is exposed to the outside, the texture of the material must be strictly required, and the outside material must not be scratched during processing. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that unnecessary damage is reduced during sheet metal processing and the utilization rate of materials is improved.



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