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What to consider when choosing a sweeping robot

Nowadays, more and more families buy sweeping robots, which are very convenient to use. How to choose a Robotic Floor Sweeper, what are the key points?


The first element: look at the navigation

Navigation is something that every sweeping robot has, and it is the ability of every sweeping robot to scan the whole house when it is working. At present, there are four types of navigation in the sweeping robot market, namely laser navigation, visual navigation, infrared navigation, and gyroscope navigation.


The second element: look at the hardware

The hardware strength determines the cleaning rate of the sweeping robot. The greater the suction power, the more garbage it can pick up, and it can eliminate all kinds of garbage. The greater the power, the longer the cleaning time. Facing most households, there is no need to repeatedly return to the charging stand for charging, which can save the cleaning efficiency of the sweeping robot. decision


The third element: look at the type

With the development of sweeping robots, more and more sweeping robots have wet mopping capabilities, and sweeping robots that can only sweep the floor are not cost-effective. Therefore, when choosing a sweeping robot, you can choose a sweeping robot that integrates sweeping and mopping, so that a sweeping robot can meet all your cleaning needs, and you don’t need to mop the floor after cleaning.




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How long can KN95 month disposable masks be used?

kn95 disposable face mask    is used to prevent and treat infectious diseases caused by airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. It is recommended that medical staff should use it once only. However, in view of the current shortage of supplies, if ordinary people use it for protection, they can only go out to buy vegetables for daily use, and they are not contaminated with any saliva, and the time can be extended to about 2 days.


It is better to choose the disposable mask


The N95 mask with prevention of respiratory tract infection is the first choice, followed by medical surgical masks, which can prevent respiratory tract infection to a certain extent. However, like our usual paper masks, cotton masks, activated carbon masks, and sponge masks, they are not the first choice because the material is not tight enough and the effect of preventing infection is limited.



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Choosing lighting fixtures for downtown illumination?


With the development of metropolitan economic system, metropolitan impression architectural construction is becoming more and more essential, and lights engineering is an integral part of city design. best light city .The design of metropolitan lighting effects design is essential. What must be paid out attention to along the way of urban lighting effects design and style?

Lighting design not simply greatly improves the total image of the area, but additionally has a definite function in exciting the financial growth and development of the whole area. Building lighting is a kind of city lighting effects. Glow your building system to focus on the outline for you, make the atmosphere or enjoy a coverage result.

The lamps utilized in constructing lighting effects are in reality landscape lighting lamps including Directed guardrail pipes, LED line lighting, Brought level gentle resources, and Brought wall washers. And includes, Directed guardrail tubes and Guided line lights are mostly used to outline constructing describes or kind computerized monitors. Guided position light resources are generally used for attractive outcomes or dot matrix monitors. LED wall structure washers are mainly used to make structures, which can reflect the outline for you however, not describe like Directed guardrail tubes.

Before perform the lights building in the creating entire body, we should initial base about the night scene illumination result diagram along with the lights outcome diagram. Select the suitable lighting fixtures and estimate the volume of lamps required, so the power supply and control can be matched appropriately. Lastly, an set up organization with rich installation encounter and development qualifications is essential.



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What do you know about the rainproof switching power supply

Switching power supplies are now more widely used, especially in the application of high-tech, which promotes the development of high-tech, and is very helpful in saving energy, saving resources, and environmental protection. Among them, the rainproof switching power supply is of great significance. Here I can introduce you to the knowledge about it.


The rainproof power supply  includes: a box body, a switching power supply, and a switching power supply adapter board, and its box body is composed of a bottom shell and a face cover. There should be a water outlet on the lower end cover, in this way, the rainwater can be prevented from entering the box body, and the heat dissipation effect has also been greatly improved.


When purchasing a rainproof switching power supply, we must choose a high-quality and guaranteed power supply, and pay more attention to the power supply board when choosing to avoid the situation of shoddy charging. The inferior products on the market use half-wave lead plates. This will make the life of the switching power supply shorter, while the normal life will be longer. At the same time, many low-quality products are made of second-hand components. Once they are used for a long time, they will explode, which is a very dangerous situation. Therefore, everyone must remember that you get what you pay for, and you must choose quality. Guaranteed product.


How to test and evaluate the quality of die castings?

Lately, the die casting sector has become creating constantly. Whilst the perish throwing technologies is enhancing, the industry levels of competition are also intensifying at any time.custom die casting   The best way to determine the grade of light weight aluminum alloy die casting pieces when evaluating suppliers?


Expire throwing components are established into completed merchandise by way of a number of generation functions such as die casting, normal water removal, scraping, drilling and tapping, polishing, and electroplating. They are looked over by complete inspection and lab measuring instruments, and the standard of perish throwing pieces in front of computerized machines. is going to be fully visible.


The looks checking info in the total evaluation procedure, the shape report of your perish casting parts from the CCD automated examination machine, along with the salt squirt analyze, flavoring analyze, substantial temperatures examination as well as other reports for your expire throwing pieces, the instinctive data of the standard of the perish casting components is going to be offered looking at everybody, through these The information is perfect for judging the pros and cons of die castings.




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How to use a lavalier microphone and what are the advantages


1. Within the management element of the lavalier mic, clip on microphone    Away is the state recording using a mobile phone ON is the condition of saving with a SLR digital camera the white colored metal is clipped, mainly used to correct the mic cable tv wide open the metal clip Hanging, it is possible to place some control electric battery inside of.


2. Within the lavalier clip repairing place of the lavalier microphone, including the lapel clip, it can be clipped at the neck line for recording the mic 100 % cotton protects the top the mic mind recording function it is suitable for most taking gear.


3. Pay attention when you use it, because the lavalier microphone is used on the upper body and is far away from the mouth area, the production volume level will probably be cut down tremendously. If the volume of the amplifier is converted up, you can easily develop wheezing.


To get a vloger, simple video creator or anchor who would like to increase the quality of the seem and obtain my impact, it's fantastic. As well as its superb radio impact, wifi interconnection, compactness and mobility can also be aspects that add favor with it.




What to pay attention to when choosing a Wireless headset


1. Compatibility of Wireless bluetooth headsets. When buyers select a Bluetooth headset, they need to authenticate no matter what in the event the purchased Wireless headset facilitates relationship with the cell phone. In the event the Wi-fi headset is not really works together with the cellphone, the music excellence of the Custom Bluetooth headphones   will probably be really lousy. You should try it out by using a cell phone.


2. The transmission range inside the Wireless network headset. The transferring variety from your Wifi headset mainly is dependent upon the Bluetooth technological innovation employed together with the Bluetooth headset. When choosing a Bluetooth headset, it is advisable to pick a head establish with Bluetooth 4.. This head set up incorporates a longer transmitting prolonged extended distance as well as a much more safe transmission.


3. The sporting convenience of the Bluetooth headset. A great Wireless headset adopts an ergonomic design and design, which happens to be very secure and does not slip away easily. Customers can experience it when selecting.


4. The uphold time and also communicate with quality of your Bluetooth headset. The uphold duration of the Wireless headset is likewise a key position when users get yourself a Wireless headset. If your stand by time is very long, the bureau can steer clear of the issues of recurrent inquiring. Usually, the Wireless headset utilizing a pole structure has significantly better make contact with premium quality.





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Appearance demands for plastic material injection items


Shot molding vegetation need to method merchandise in accordance with consumer specifications to ensure customer happiness. plastic injection molding service So, which are the visual appeal requirements for plastic-type material injection merchandise?

1. Plastic material shot molding is carried out according to the requirements of composed papers, without the need of damage, blur, uneven thickness, falling off, marks, etc.

2. The design in the ends and corners should meet the requirements of the sketches, the guide group must be flush, and there must be no irregular edges and edges the outer lining is smooth without the need of apparent deformation, along with the exposed surface has no convex points and convex seashells.

3. The appearance colour of plastic-type parts needs to be made in accordance with the standard of certified examples or written demands, colour difference of batches is not really obvious, as well as the gloss uniformity is strong there should be no obvious scratches in the uncovered work surface, besides those that could be cleaned away from





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Features of rail carry logistics

Railway travel has a vital role inside the social material production process.railway transport services  It is observed as sizeable travelling quantity, quick pace, low cost, and generally not constrained by weather circumstances, so it is ideal for very long-distance transport of large and high goods.


Some great benefits of rail transport are sizeable sizing, high speed, low cost, and usually not affected by weather circumstances, ideal for long-range transportation of huge, weighty goods. Excellent regular transport lower electricity consumption. Great adaptability small footprint. It is actually little afflicted with the natural surroundings and has great continuity.


Train travelling is much less afflicted with environment and organic circumstances, and has travel pros in traditional elements back-reloading travel, compartment travelling and multimodal transportation can be realized.



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The real difference between LED switching strength supplies


There are lots of types of Directed switching strength supplies, as well as the top quality and cost of numerous strength supplies are very various, and this is among the key elements affecting product quality and cost. rainproof led power supply 400wSo what exactly is the real difference between Directed converting power supply and driving power supply?

LED driver is yet another sort of switching power supply, but it has many special features and is also the commonality of this particular converting power supply, therefore it is normal to classify it as being LED vehicle driver.

1. Its voltage output is actually a several of three.2, but normally is not going to go over 25.6V at the most. Because following this variety is surpassed, as soon as the LED is excited, you will find a possibility of instantaneously burning the past LED which is switched on because of bad item consistency.

2. It usually will not demand solitude, since a lot of goods are comparable in framework to regular lighting effects, and will be similar to illumination regarding basic safety. Since some drivers still need to be isolated.

3. Its commence is soft start. Since the persistence of the LED is very bad, and the action from the inner PN junction changes instantaneously after it is turned on, the travel in the Directed is often designed to be gentle-started off to avoid this deficiency.




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